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Wahaha Schools Marathon: A Vibrant Day of Sports and Joy

Wahaha Schools Marathon: A Vibrant Day of Sports and Joy

On November 3rd, the 2nd "Goose Cup" Children's Marathon kicked off with tremendous enthusiasm at Tongjian Lake. Parents and students eagerly joined in, sparking a sports frenzy dedicated to our children. 


This event was orchestrated by Wahaha International School, Wahaha Bilingual School, and Wahaha Sanjie Education Development Foundation. It witnessed the participation of around 2,000 contestants and their running partners.


Running in such an atmosphere, even though the distance was not extensive, sowed the seeds of sports in the hearts of our children.


When the starting gun resounded on the track, and when the children persevered and crossed the finish line hand in hand with their families, the seeds of determination and hard work began to sprout in their hearts, and they realized that happiness is more significant than accomplishments.

During the event, our school collaborated with several partners to arrange a grand, diverse, and entertaining carnival. Various booths at the event featured delectable food, fun games, and captivating activities for both parents and children, providing an array of interactive experiences and brand promotions. Special thanks to WIS PTA for their dedicated efforts and support.

Through running, our students broadened their horizons, bolstered their physical fitness, and built their confidence while experiencing the true meaning of running – a way to unleash happiness, maintain focus, and embrace a healthy lifestyle.