MS Curriculum Characteristics

●We honor and respect a bilingual education that incorporates the traditions and 

  values of both Chinese and Western education.

●We provide education that empowers students to make the best use of their 

  creativity, knowledge, skills and experience in order to be leaders in their local, 

  national and global communities.

●We build all aspects of our students' character through project-based learning 

  and school activities.

●We promote a community of respect and responsibility while fostering integrity, 

  tolerance and cooperation.

●We develop sportsmanship and physical and mental fitness.

Subject Overview

Providing a smooth transition from elementary school to high school, the WBS Middle School program, from Grade 6 to Grade 9, is characterized by small class size (26 students maximum), differentiated teaching methods and a strong English language environment. Our bilingual curriculum is academically rigorous, integrates subject disciplines, prepares students with skills of the future, and allows for individual choice. WBS Middle School is dedicated to discovering our students’ talents and to nurturing both their intellect and their character. While maintaining focus on discovering their individual interests, learning styles, strengths and expressiveness, our highly qualified educators attach great importance to the comprehensive development of students’ academic pathways by designing individualized teaching plans and offering high school placement consultation.