It has never been more challenging to future-proof a skillset, but that is precisely our aim at WBS High School. We are committed to cultivating future-oriented talents who possess global competence and are adaptable to the AI world.

Our students are proficient in Chinese and English, preparing to become Chinese ambassadors who both love their country and appreciate the world. Building on the experiences of our primary and middle school education, high school expands its connections with high-quality resources both domestically and internationally. This includes collaborative curriculum development with renowned domestic and international universities, exchange programs with our sister school in the United States, and top-notch college admissions guidance.

The school strives for seamless alignment with international universities in terms of language of instruction, teaching methods, and evaluation systems. We aim to cultivate globally competent Chinese cultural ambassadors who “leave but come back," laying a solid foundation for students' long-term development and lifelong happiness.
We want our students to wonder and wander. The more a student leaves their comfort zone, the larger it becomes.

We employ British-patterned A-levels. Staples of our curriculum include the three natural sciences, Maths, as well as social sciences Economics, Accounting, and Business. We offer these courses at both IG and A-level.

We are also proud to offer elective courses rare for Chinese schools including English First Language, Global Perspectives, General Paper, and Thinking Skills.

Each year a handful of students earn an Extended Project Qualification [EPQ], a research-based academic project where students explore a topic of personal interest in depth. The EPQ involves extensive research, critical thinking, project management, and the development of a final product, which is then presented and assessed. Completing an EPQ can earn students additional UCAS points for university applications.

Our goal is to prepare students for the complexities of university life and beyond. We augment our A-level curriculum with overseas life-readiness courses in the culinary arts, graphic design, videography, AI literacy, woodcraft, and self-defense.

Our high school academic team comprises a group of highly qualified Chinese and international teachers, all with a Master’s Degree or higher from the finest institutions worldwide including but not exclusive to Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, the National University of Singapore, and Zhejiang University.

All teachers utilize English as the language of instruction in the A-level curriculum.

Each of our teachers also serves as an academic advisor to no more than five students, providing each student with individualized attention, liaising with the students’ parents, and ensuring each students’ mental and physical well-being. This academic advisory system runs parallel to our college counsellors whose focus is on helping students with the university application process.
WBS stands as the sole high school in China that engages in an annual educational program with MIT’s Edgerton Center. Each summer, twenty students complete a short course in modern molecular biology and a makerspace workshop combining acoustics, vibration, and electronics.

We also have longstanding academic programs with Babson College [entrepreneurship] and West Lake University [scientific biodiversity monitoring].

Financial Aid
We award scholarships based on financial need, academic potential, or extraordinary talent. 40% of our students are on scholarships, ranging from twenty to one hundred percent each, representing 20% of our total tuition revenue.

Accreditation and Memberships
Mastery Transcript Consortium