Our Team

Faculty Team

Wahaha Bilingual School’s strong and experienced teaching team is the cornerstone of our program. WBS shares our large, purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities with Wahaha International School, allowing us an exciting synergy and sharing of educational resources.

  • Ms. Shen Baoru, WBS Executive Principal

    Ms. Baoru Shen graduated from Shanghai Normal University where she majored in Education. She has 30 years teaching and educational management experience with six years in public schools in Shanghai, and more than 20 years at international and bilingual schools. She has participated in the development of Chinese language curriculum worldwide, and assisted in the development of Chinese studies programs of well-known bilingual schools in both the Philippines and the United States.  She has rich experience in teacher training, development and management. Her professionalism, dedication, thoroughness and sincerity are well recognized by her team.

  • Ms. Dido Li, Primary School Principal

    Ms. Dido Li graduated from Eastern China Normal University where she majored in Chinese Language and Literature. She has more than 20 years teaching and educational management experience in public, international, and bilingual schools. She has also participated in funding management of well-known international schools in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Dido is very experienced in promoting Chinese-Western integrated curriculum, project based learning, learning community instruction, and teacher training.


  • Mr. Trevor Bignall, Foreign Vice Principal / Middle School Principal

    Mr. Trevor Bignall began his teaching career in London, U.K. working across a variety of schools for about 20 year period. He graduated from Exeter University. Before moving to China, he worked in lead practitioner and other management and leadership roles in mainstream and the arts education institutes. In the U.K. Mr. Bignall was School Head and Lead Teacher of Holistic Education. This involved the design and inclusion of students’ character and school values. He also pioneered and was Head of International Relations in Education. Communicating with international schools and instigating comparisons in school educating systems. 

  • Mr. Young Jiao, High School Principal

    Mr Young Jiao graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a full scholarship awarded by Singapore Ministry of Education. Following this, he received his Master of Education degree from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada. He has ten years experience in international education in China, Singapore, and the United States in AP, A-Level and IB schools. He is dedicated to empower his students to start thinking critically, creatively and holistically. He encourages his students to take initiatives in everything and explore their passions of life beyond mere academics. 

  • Andy Yu, Administrative Vice Principal/Dean of Academic Affairs of Primary School

    Mr. Andy is one of the founding teachers at WBS. He has successively served as the Head of Mathematics Teaching and Research Group, Dean of Academics, Principal Assistant, and the Chairman of the School Labor Union at WBS. With almost two decades of teaching experience, Andy has won various awards for his expertise and dedication to teaching. These include 1st place in the National Interactive Teaching event, Hangzhou Rookie Teacher award, and more. He has continuously demonstrated his commitment and dedication as an educator. 

  • Angie Wang, Assistant Principal of Middle School

    Ms. Angie is one of the founding teachers at WBS. She graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master’s Degree and received the professional title of Senior-level Chinese Language Teacher. Moreover, she has been awarded the Hangzhou Rookie Teacher award, Hangzhou Outstanding Teacher award, and many more for her dedication to teaching. She also led to develop WIS school-based Chinese curriculum and is committed to practice and research of Chinese teaching from an international perspective.

The over 40 international teachers working in our two schools create an excellent bilingual teaching environment and atmosphere for students, with many opportunities to communicate in English outside the classroom. Half of our international teachers hold Master's degrees or above, and 34% have more than 10 years of teaching experience. Our outstanding senior Chinese teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds with more than 10 years of teaching experience. Our excellent young teachers have graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad, and many have university and teaching experience overseas. A number of teachers have won provincial, city, and other honorary titles. Our academic leadership team’s innovative ideas provide a clear and exciting vision. They monitor current trends in education and review related research from top universities and experts at home and abroad, and are constantly incorporating the best ideas and practices into our curriculum and environment to improve the caliber of learning. WBS places great importance on the organic connection between Chinese national curriculum and western education, explores and integrates curriculum design and development, regularly sends teachers overseas to partner schools for exchange and study, and brings the most advanced teaching methods and experience to our school.