Situated just one block away from the picturesque Qiantang River, our 19,550 square meter campus features a spacious atrium, 30 classrooms, two science labs, a library, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) classrooms, and a multi-purpose sports field. In addition, our facilities include two art studios, two theaters, a music classroom with six individual practice rooms, a choir room, a dance studio and an indoor gymnasium. Our outdoor play space features a Corocord Spacenet, a climbing struture imported from Denmark.  This popular activity is develops students’ large motor skills, spatial awareness, and eye-hand coordination, while stimulating their imaginations. These state-of-the-art facilities are designed to inspire learning throughout the day both inside and outside the classroom.

Main Entrance


Main Building

Atrium Corner


Indoor Climbing Wall

Atrium Blackboard

Corridor View


Big Theater

Classroom Corner

Corocord Spacenet

School Motto


In keeping with our motto of CARE, we have established four houses: Creators, Archers, Rangers, and Explorers. House activities allow us another means through which we can develop the child, address specific needs, and provide a venue for self-discovery. The House system encourages interaction between students across classes and grade levels, promotes collaboration and sense of community, and allows students to participate in various intra-mural competitions, creating team spirit and House pride.

When entering the primary school program, students are assigned to one of four "houses" with which they will remain affiliated through graduation.


The Creators House: curiosity and courage. Its mascot, the lion, is king of the beasts, bold and powerful, majestic and charismatic. The House color of red suggests good feelings and favorable impressions, at the same time alerting one to clear goals.


The Archers House: appreciation and accountability. The eagle, the House mascot, soaring unrestrained in the blue sky, is a memorable image with its penetrating gaze and beauty in flight, a metaphor for broad-reaching aspirations. The House color of yellow suggests unlimited desire for scholarly knowledge.


The Rangers House: resolve and resourcefulness. And the House mascot, the horse, is considered in Chinese culture to be a "dragon on earth", grand but at the same time modest and reserved. It is represented by the color green, a color full of promise but not showy, and calls to mind a noble and humble prince.


The Explorers House: excellence and enthusiasm. Its mascot, the orca whale, roams the ocean and rules the sea. It is elegant, full of strength and gives a powerful and indelible impression. The House color, blue, represents both the sky and sea, and invokes a sense of vastness, loftiness and elegance.

Parent Teacher Association

The PTA's mission is to:

● Promote communication between the schools and our parent community;

● Share important information from the school with each family in an accurate and timely manner using a variety 

   of communication tools;

● Actively collect and relay the comments and suggestions of the parent community to the departments and 

   administrators concerned;

● Help solve concerns between home and school in a timely and effective way;

● Create opportunities for parents to contribute to school life in an organized, planned, and effective manner;

As children grow up learning and socializing, both parents and teachers play the role of caregivers, instructors and planners. Family learning and school learning are connected and complement each other. Close home-school ties not only improve children's ability to acquire knowledge and wisdom, but can also enhance teachers' sense of achievement and help to build a positive school culture.