Message from School Founder

As a mother of three children, my understanding of the purpose of education is to build character, inspire minds, and develop talents.

It is my hope that our students, through their experiences at WBS, will develop a deep knowledge and appreciation of Chinese culture while comprehending and embracing cultural diversity. In addition, our goal is to cultivate a profound respect for others, a sense of gratitude, responsible decision-making and the courage to take risks and make changes.

At WBS, classes are centered around students rather than teachers. Inquiry-based teaching inspires and encourages students’ curiosity, while at the same time nurturing their talents.

We measure the success of our teaching by the success of our students in finding their lifelong passions and exploring them with boundless enthusiasm. We believe all greatness comes from pursuing those passions with persistence and focus.  At this dawn of the artificial intelligence era, the world is rapidly changing. Our children will need self-motivation and creative problem-solving skills in order to face and overcome the challenges that lay ahead and make their dreams come true.

My late mother made education the purpose of her life, holding it noble and sacred, seeking no fame or fortune. Since first presented with the opportunity to found a school, my goal has been to provide a strong foundation for our team of devoted educators, where we quietly work together to honor our commitment to our students. 

May love and wisdom shine down on all children at Wahaha Schools!

Ms. Jane Du

Founder & Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Wahaha Bilingual School and Wahaha International School Hangzhou

Founder, Education Development Foundation, Wahaha Schools

Honorary Trustee, West Lake University, Hangzhou

Founder & Trustee, New England Innovation Academy, USA

Former Trustee, Concord Academy, Concord, Massachusetts, USA