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Fifth Anniversary Celebration of Wahaha Bilingual School Hangzhou- Leading the Way

Fifth Anniversary Celebration of Wahaha Bilingual School Hangzhou- Leading the Way


Wahaha Bilingual School held its Fifth Anniversary Celebration Ceremony on June 14th 2019 which was witnessed by leaders from local government, principals, experts from other sister schools, and by all our faculty, parents and students.

In the morning ceremony WBS executive principal, Baoru Shen, gave a speech about the experience of finding the path in internationalized education for our school. Later, Jane Du, the Founder of WBS and WIS, shared the Goose Plan, indicating that the school is now working on opening a new campus in the U.S. Also, starting from next academic year, the school foundation will set up the "Goose Scholarship" to generously award Wahaha students who achieve excellence in character and learning.



Ms. Jane Du said, “Over the past five years we have experienced firsthand the many challenges of establishing an international education mode with Chinese characteristics. This is our long-term vision and cannot be accomplished overnight. We also think the pursuit of fame and fortune is running in the opposite direction of the mission of education. At Wahaha Bilingual School, we will not be deterred by these challenges and distractions but will honor our mission and pursue the greatness of education. In the next five years, and another five years after that, we will continue to follow this path with respect and passion for education and a sincere love for our children. With all our hearts, we will live up to the expectations of every child and parent of our school, live up to all walks of life who give us their support, live up to this era, and ourselves!”