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Winter Show at Wahaha Schools explores sustainability and inspires action

Winter Show at Wahaha Schools explores sustainability and inspires action

Wahaha Schools’ 9th Winter Show, with the theme of "Sustainability", was held on February 24, 2023. Through art and performance, the show delved into how to achieve harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, encouraging students to deepen their thinking and take action to bring about change in the world.


In order to help students better understand the concept of sustainable development, this year's Winter Show involved students and teachers from grades one to nine in the design of various activities from the early creative stage through to presentation, with continuous brainstorming and team collaboration. Together they explored different topics related to sustainable development, based on the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The teachers and students integrated their thinking into the stage performances, tracing the origin of the earth, exploring the inheritance of civilization, observing the interplay between humans and nature, researching the evolution of cities, and imagining the universe, energy, and the future. Through a series of exciting performances, they interpreted the path of sustainable development which emphasizes interconnectedness and symbiosis between all things.

"As a school that cultivates future global citizens and Chinese ambassadors, it is particularly important to ensure that the entire school community, including staff, students, parents, and our partners, understand and practice the concept of sustainable development. I hope that through this year's Winter Show with the theme of 'Sustainability', everyone in our school can understand the importance of 'sustainable' development for us humans and the earth, and realize what we as contemporary people can do for ourselves and future generations," said Ms. Jane Du, the founder of Wahaha Schools.

Sustainable development education not only aims to achieve harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, but also to cultivate the values of sustainable development in the next generation, fostering future leaders with innovative thinking, social responsibility, and sustainable action.

Although the Winter Show has come to an end, the concept and actions of sustainability will continue to deepen in the classrooms of Wahaha Bilingual School, taking root and sprouting in the hearts of everyone, and generating strength.