Question:Does the school provide national education registration?

Yes, WBS offers national education registration.

Question:Does WBS provide boarding accommodations?

We are a day school, and we do not have boarding facilities. A day program allows students to spend more time with parents, and we believe the establishment of a close parent-child relationship is crucial during the early years of childhood.

Question:How does WBS help with high school placement?

Our high school placement team provides students with a comprehensive, individualized placement plans based on their strengths, intentions and academic performance. Our team counsels and supports our students and families throughout the entire high school selection and application process.

Question:Where is the school located? Do you offer bus transportation service?

Wahaha Bilingual School (WBS) is located in No.5, Yaojiang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou.  At present there is no bus service, but bus service may be added if there is sufficient demand.